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The History of the Cold War Podcast

Dec 15, 2016

Join us this episode as we examine the Cambridge spy ring. Who were the Cambridge five ? Why did they betray their country and social class ? What was their impact on the early Cold War ? Learn all this and more!

Dec 1, 2016

In this episode we learn about the origins of the Soviet atomic bomb. How much did Soviet espionage help in building the Soviet atomic industry ? Why didn't Germany produce an atomic bomb in world War II ? How did Soviet development of the atomic bomb change the course of the Cold War ? Learn this and more in our...

Nov 15, 2016

In this episode learn about the origins of the KGB. How did the Soviets develop so many spies and sources ? who were the spies in the Roosevelt administration ? How did the Soviets steal the A-bomb ?

Nov 1, 2016

Join us as we explorer the origins of NATO and its early years. Why did nations such as Norway and Germany want to join NATO ? What were NATO's early war plans and what was its stance around nuclear weapons ? What were the early political challenges that NATO faced and how has this shaped the current alliance ? Learn...

Oct 15, 2016

In this episode we will look at early leaders of the cold war. Who were they and what made them tick: Tito and Bevin.